Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell helped elevate Republican Roy Moore’s controversial candidacy. It backfired, leaving McConnell and top lieutenants with few options other than to contain the damage of what will be a brutal defeat in any result of today’s election between Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.
President Trump wrote that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) “would come to my office ‘begging’ for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them).” Gillibrand has called for Trump to resign after sexual harassment allegations.
As counsel for the world’s highest-profile client, every move and utterance by President Trump’s lawyers in the Russia probe has been scrutinized — and the criticism has been unkind.
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As party season descends, companies are nervously wondering whether any of us can truly come together and drink spiked egg nog without someone who means to pat a colleague on the back accidentally putting his hands inside her blouse instead. (Which happened to Garrison Keillor. Even though it’s impossible. Right, ladies?)
Lawmakers could announce later today or Wednesday that they've reached a tentative agreement reconciling the House and Senate tax bills, said Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), who is among the group of lawmakers working to meld the proposals into a final product. Republicans want to have the measure on President Trump’s desk before Christmas.
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Capital Weather Gang
Despite the Arctic blast, the chances of any late-week snow have diminished.
In a letter to the FBI, the county’s Board of Supervisors have called for “complete transparency” in the Nov. 17 killing of Bijan Ghaisar.
Officials said the action was “unacceptable” and that the teacher would not be returning to the classroom. The teacher’s lawyer called the allegations “without merit.”
Maryland’s first lady, Yumi Hogan, born in South Korea, has promoted other local businesses as a means to attract international firms and investors to the state.
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Prosecutors said that Nicholas Young was a dangerous believer in not just radical Islam but neo-Nazism. His defense attorney argued that prosecutors were trying to distract from the way FBI agents entrapped Young into committing a crime.
Going Out Guide
Three out of six food and drink establishments will be ready for the Adams Morgan hotel's first day. Its website is now accepting reservations, including a special $120/night introductory rate.
As more than one industry insider has said, given Boras’ relationship with the Nationals ownership, “You can never rule it out.”
One woman alleges groping and another harassment at a Vanity Fair party in Los Angeles in 2010. Batali stepped away from his TV show and restaurant empire on Monday after four women’s allegations were published.
Chamath Palihapitiya used to be in charge of Facebook's growth. Now he doesn't let his kids use the platform.
The University of Maryland survey attempted to brief respondents as much as possible before asking their opinion. The results come two days before the FCC is set to vote on repealing net neutrality rules.
A Senate committee is looking into whether to repeal the law that curbed the DEA’s powers to go after drug companies that do not report suspicious orders of prescription painkillers from pharmacies. The effort behind the law was highlighted in October by The Washington Post and “60 Minutes.”
Astronomers in Hawaii say the cylindrical, quarter-mile long object is an asteroid. But some scientists have not yet ruled out more extraordinary origins. In either case, all eyes will be on this space oddity zipping through our solar system.
As they pulled together data for NOAA’s monthly climate report, scientists noticed something strange: One of their key climate monitoring stations had fallen off the map, in what they later described as “an ironic exclamation point to swift regional climate change in and near the Arctic.”
Movie Review
It’s overlong and too plotty, but the sequel honors the franchise with affection and humor.
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How should newsrooms respond to claims of sexual harassment?
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How your body reacts to cold weather
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Kimmel makes emotional plea for children’s health care while holding his son
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The office holiday party in the post-Weinstein era
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